Michael Vester (*1957)



  • born in Saarbrücken / Germany
  • influenced by grandparents early interest in fine arts and music
  • early pursuit of photography
  • from the 80s up to 2000 shifting main emphasis on music
  • 2004 reoccupation of fine arts
  • education in watercolour painting,  educational trips to North Africa, France, Scotland, Egypt
  • specialization in photography
  • further education in photography at the Swiss Design School Basel, Swizzerland
  • H´ART fine arts award 2018
  • education in Photo-Design,OfG Design School Lippstadt
  • continuing online training with Magnum Photos (Alec Soth - "Storytelling")
  • continuing online training with masters of photography (Joel Meyerowitz - "Photography")




2010        Kunstforum Burg Waischenfeld

2015        Sparkasse Loerrach/ Rheinfelden

2015        Art Of Passion, Lange & Co,   Rheinfelden

2015        Orthopaedicum Loerrach

2016        Sparkasse Loerrach/ Rheinfelden

2016        VHS Rheinfelden

2016        RegioART Loerrach

2016        Endress & Hauser, Maulburg

2016        Galleria de Marchi, Bologna (Italy)

2016        im Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a.Rh.

2017        RegioART Loerrach

2017        ART(e) Binningen (Swizzerland)

2017        Galleria de Marchi, Bologna (Italy)

2018        RegioArt Loerrach

2018        LOEBA Loerrach

2019        RegioArt Loerrach

2019        UNTITLED Rheinfelden (CH)

2019        Gallery Korb Loerrach

2021        "DIE KUNST", Grenzach-Wyhlen

2022        "DIE KUNST", Grenzach-Wyhlen



Artist Biography



Michael Vester  was born in Saarbrücken and raised in a village nearby. He now lives and works in Grenzach-Wyhlen, in the Southwest part of Germany.


As a child, influenced by his grandparents, Michael found great pleasure in painting, drawing and also playing music.

In high school he was fascinated by the medium of photography. In the darkroom, installed in his grandma´s laundry room, he developed his first black and white photographs. Later on, this recreational activity should blossom into a passionate hobby, as his interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew.


It was only in his late 40´s that he earnestly began to occupy himself with fine arts and  restarted his creative activities. He explored different painting media, took painting lessons and revisited photography, which had turned from an analogue into a digital medium by then.  Digital photography became his favourite means of artistic expression, because it offers a huge variety of possibilities to utilize modern technology in exploring the artistic space beyond the natural boundaries of classical techniques like painting and fine arts. To broaden his autodidactic knowledge he became student in photography at the Swiss Design School in Basel.


Being likewise fascinated by nature, people, colours and structures, Michaels artworks evolve from each project he works on. Among his artworks you can likewise find black & white photographs of landscapes, photographs of details of our daily life, fine art results and prints from image processing of abstract structures and floating colours in a manner of action painting. He strives to improve his craft with every new subject he works on.


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