Michael Vester (*1957 in Saarbrücken) is a contemporary German photographer from Grenzach-Wyhlen.


His work is inspired by a variety of artistic influences from international photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Alec Soth, Mark Power and William Eggleston. The fusion of these influences shapes Vester's unique perspective and contributes to the style of his own photographic language.


The dynamism of Vester's work, the use of color, the exploration of urban landscapes and the candid capture of moments reflect Meyerowitz's influence and give Vester's photography a vibrant and energetic quality.


American photographer Alec Soth's influence on Vester's work can be seen in the narrative depth and storytelling in his images. Soth's ability to weave compelling stories through his photographs likely inspires Vester's own commitment to conveying more than just visual aesthetics. This influence is manifested in Vester's ability to create visual narratives that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the stories behind the images.


Vester's conceptualization of space and environment is informed by Mark Power's documentation of landscapes and communities. Power's emphasis on the sociopolitical dimensions of landscapes informs Vester's nuanced approach, allowing him to capture not only the physicality of a place but also its broader contextual significance.


William Eggleston, known for his pioneering work in color photography, adds another layer to Vester's influences. Eggleston's innovative use of color influences Vester's own exploration of the visual palette, resulting in a distinctive and striking color scheme that sets his work apart from others.


International exhibitions underline the breadth of his artistic work and make his work accessible to a diverse audience. This transnational presence not only promotes Vester's artistic growth, but also contributes to the international dialogue in the field of contemporary photography.


In summary, Michael Vester's photography is a harmonious blend of influences from Meyerowitz's dynamism, Soth's narrative richness, Power's social and environmental consciousness, Eggleston's color innovation and the broader international art scene. Exhibitions in countries such as Italy and Switzerland consolidate Vester's position as a photographer with an international presence, connecting cultures and contributing to the vibrant web of contemporary photographic expression.





2010        Kunstforum Burg Waischenfeld

2015        Sparkasse Loerrach/ Rheinfelden

2015        Art Of Passion, Lange & Co,   Rheinfelden

2015        Orthopaedicum Loerrach

2016        Sparkasse Loerrach/ Rheinfelden

2016        VHS Rheinfelden

2016        RegioART Loerrach

2016        Endress & Hauser, Maulburg

2016        Galleria de Marchi, Bologna (Italy)

2016        im Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a.Rh.

2017        RegioART Loerrach

2017        ART(e) Binningen (Swizzerland)

2017        Galleria de Marchi, Bologna (Italy)

2018        RegioArt Loerrach

2018        LOEBA Loerrach

2019        RegioArt Loerrach

2019        UNTITLED Rheinfelden (CH)

2019        Gallery Korb Loerrach

2021        Messe "DIE KUNST", Grenzach-Wyhlen

2022        Messe "DIE KUNST", Grenzach-Wyhlen

2023        Messe "DIE KUNST", Grenzach-Wyhlen

2024        Gallerie REGARDEZ 2020, Lörrach

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